WEBSITE process

Fill out our Request A Quote form on the website with this alone we should be able to give a ballpark estimate


We put together an initial design concept based off of the research and concepts. We review the design together and discuss whether we would like to make changes to the current design, or come up with a brand new fresh design


Review our portfolio and our team
Discuss our rates
Discuss web hosting, domain management, and email hosting. Talk more about what you want to do with your new website
Give us a sitemap or idea of pages and content you will want on the site


We develop the website on our test server for the client to monitor progress and see exactly how it will look when it goes live


Once we settle on a number from the request a quote form and the initial meeting we will put together an official estimate and if it works for you, we will send an invoice for a 50% down payment to begin work on the site. The remaining payment will be due when we are ready to take the website live.


We transfer the website from our test server to our live server and hook the domain up to the website. Or we zip up the site and give it to the client once they are paid in full if they choose to host the site on their own server We add analytics to the website to track visitor statistics


Research other websites
Pick features the client likes
Discuss logo, colors, etc


If you host with us, we offer 1 hour of monthly updates to your website that are included in the hosting cost

Let’s get going?

With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee you can get going with peace of mind!

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